The Balancing Act

The (insert here any & all of the following: crazy. hectic. crappy. insane. impossible. whirlwind. failing. hamster-on-a-spinning-wheel-feeling. ) Balancing Act.  

I have an ongoing conversation with many of my photographer & artist friends. How in the world do we balance it all?  

Artist. Career. Jobs. Family. Parent. Spouse. Companion. Supporter. Chores. Social Media. PR / Marketing.

TIME is marching all over us, leaving behind constant struggles and guilty feelings of how to achieve that “perfect” balance with all the roles we play in our lives as we try to succeed in our endeavors as artists.

ie. balancing the constant and ever changing juggling act of the necessary PR / Marketing of our work and actually having time to DO our art? 

Throw into the mix families, children, other jobs (a lot of us work one, two or even three other jobs to support our main career as an artist), the ups and downs of life itself and you have one big icky gooey hot dog of a mess.  It’s rough & tumble to say the least.

I thought this article brings up a simple layout plan to help with that “ever dangling carrot in front of us” called balance. I struggle pretty much every day. But there is a little hope on the horizon when I actually write my goals down and prioritize my daily routine.  There are some nice tips here. I would add to it a few things we tend to forget along the way when our lives get hectic: sleep, exercise, eating right (What I can’t survive off of countless baguettes layered with Nutella?), spending time with our loved ones.  All I have lacked to some extent or another for years now, guilty of knowing I need and want them each day yet somehow run amuck and fail over and over to achieve that “perfect” balance of it all. 

So how do you handle all of this in some kind of normal and decent way that doesn’t leave you either completely sleep deprived or on meds? 🙂  Take a quick look at this simple plan and see not only what matters most to you but if this plan of action actually helps!

How do we BALANCE IT ALL?*Blog%20Post&utm_medium=Social%20Media%20&utm_content=Blog%20(1/27)&utm_campaign=Blog%20(1/27)


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