Pushing through to the creativity

The Art of Getting Around An Art Block

So this month I excitedly started work on my photography and art for the children’s picture book “Tilly and the Tooth Fairy”     Scene 1

I thought starting with the opening scene would kick off the mood of the whole book art for me and tackle one of the more challenging art pieces for me to complete  Whew! What a crazy ride that turned out to be

I sat down to work having sketched out the storyboard, completed the photo shoots and that is when it happened  It was like hitting the wall  At the beginning of the story no less!

I had researched both vintage and contemporary online for inspiration the week before, and one in particular had gotten “stuck in my head” I loved it, the most amazing fairy tale artistry

It was gorgeous and better then anything I could ever create   And there was my block

As I sat down to work, that was all I could see and think about  Everything I tried to put together myself looked ridiculous and made me feel like I was so much less and could never create anything as well done    I wanted so badly for this first scene to be so visually rich and superb

I ended up wrestling with my pictures and the digital art for over a week   An emotional roller coaster ride as I battled out my inner art and self confidence demons   I had practically a whole jar of Nutella    I went through countless more storyboard sketches, starting and restarting the digital art over and over and over, frustration and anxiety building as time was slipping by and I still had nothing to show

It just was not coming together

Exhausted and completely frustrated I finally took a break and stepped away from my computer

I called two of my art friends for chatter and ideas (having a support group is so important and actually learning to ask for help just as much so!) took some deep breaths, watched a movie, took a walk, stopped eating the Nutella, you know the drill   Most importantly I got my eyes off of that darn original art piece I had gotten so hung up on in the very beginning   Though it was gorgeous, I realized it was not “me”  nor did it fit in any way my art for the story I was trying to create

I got angry at myself for wasting so much time hung up on it, ARGGGG!

I got a good night’s sleep, shook off the stink bug off of me 🙂  and then the next day I got to work on my story with the mind set this is me   This is what I can do

And that is when it happened   Out the window went the mind block   This was my art  This is what I can create  mine all mine! lol     I started my work and it finally started to come together    Yes, I can always improve and it can always be better   But this what I can do now in this moment    Just let it be and Let it go  (as my mother would say)   Cheers to that!


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