Artist Spotlight: Jon Woodhams Photography



JON, when you start on a photo shoot or project, do you have a storyboard / sketch in mind? How does that evolve for you in terms of the time and effort from the photo shoot to processing to the finished piece?  Do you try to adhere to a certain style or visualization you initially started with or do you more or less go with the flow and what turns out is more in the moment?

Whatever planning I do seems to occur more on the subconscious level than on the conscious level. So what finally comes out of my camera and onto the page is a process of discovery for me as much as as it planned. This is true whether I get in the car and go driving looking for interesting sites or objects to shoot or I go to my studio to put together a grouping of objects for use in a still life. Both are processes of trial and error. In many ways I have only the barest idea of what I want to achieve with my camera before and when I begin shooting. I’m really not that much of a planner and prefer the spontaneity of discovery to adhering to a strict plan.
It’s also true with my image processing. What I shoot with my camera to a large extent dictates the type and scope of processing I do. In that vein, I’ll mention here that I rarely produce both a black-and-white and a color version of the same photo. To me the photo usually dictates to me if it should be in black-and-white or in color, and once I make that choice, I stick with it. So I don’t follow a strict workflow or methodology, beyond always taking my images into Lightroom and then into Photoshop after some initial processing.


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