Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Rhoades of Spoken in Red


The uber talented, a master of conceptual photography and artistry:  

Jennifer Rhoades of SPOKEN IN RED.  

I had the honor of interviewing Jennifer this past week and will soon
post the full interview ~ Here is a small teaser explaining how she got her fabulous name 

  • Jennifer is a ballet teacher, director, choreographer, photographer and digital manipulation artist.

“I got the name (SPOKEN IN RED) from a day when I was working for a
ballet choreographer and struggling with what he was asking for…I was
desperately trying to please him and I just couldn’t get it.  Finally,
out of sheer exasperation, I just took the series of steps and let them
happen instead of trying to completely copy the way he had demonstrated.
Suddenly he pops up, excited and clapping his hands.  “That’s it, Red!
Spoken in red!”
 Well, that was a big learning curve for me.  The name
means, for me, finding my own unique path and trying to remain true to
myself.  Maybe your own unique voice is the right one after all! “


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