The Art of Procrastination

The Art of Art Procrastination

So I have half a dozen sketch books flung around the house detailing out photography, photo shoots, digital
art and fantasy ideas. My sketches hold a “to do”  list of art
concepts, aspirations, dreams, and the odd sketch of a Nutella sandwich
on French crusty bread.

I am practically foaming
at the mouth in anticipation to fully materialize and create most of
these conceptual art designs … a matter of finding the time really. But….

Secretly there are a select special few..
those intimate ones that ring and vibrate through my mind, heart and soul…ones that I have visualized to create and the anticipation is
growing high, matching the emotional connection I feel with the concept /

And so the procrastination begins… I desire to
create my “masterpiece” and yet I hesitate, stall and procrastinate…I
have the attention span of a … SQUIRREL! …. drawing back a
little in fear of even starting.   I am given a precious art day to
freely create my own work and yet I do not pounce on these top few ideas
floating in my head. Afraid that what I put to the imagery and art will
just not be enough with my current skill level.. not measure up to what
I have visualized and attached myself to in my head.  As if turning it
over and over in my dreams and mind will make it somehow spontaneously explode and morph into it’s own physical creation on my screen in Photoshop. I wish.  ha ha

I have made a promise to myself.  This Spring, just create and set these art ideas free.

Pull it out, wrestle with it and boldly JUST DO (said in my best YODA impersonation
voice.)  Let it go, let it take it’s own shape and freely create.

will be will be with the art.  

What is your art, writing or
music project that you are holding on to, have yet to start for fear of
it not resulting in the end as you imagined and as you see it in your


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