Opening that snowy can of worms

what am I doing here worm in snow WEB

You know when you begin a fresh creative art project and suddenly it snowballs into a hundred different directions producing an ice storm worthy of Elsa?  That ice storm being a crazy accumulation of various needs, wants and desires to get from point A to point B that send you flying off in a thousand different directions. All I might say because you dreamed up something rather grand as your next art, writing, or creative project.  Well, pull up a chair friends and let’s have a chat about those flying snowballs for this week.

On my to do list this Fall: Starting my own online fantasy and digital art tutorial videos. Very exciting (at least for me and then hopefully for my fellow creatives and followers as well knock on wood!) and I have the part of recording my work while I create in Photoshop down fairly well at this stage. Not too fond of how my own voice sounds strangely enough but hey, not much I can do about that aspect. So yes, all good times and ready to rock n roll this puppy out the door. Fun oh Fun.

Next step along the road to tutorial stardom is to create my own cool intro that will be on each one of my videos, connect my business branding, and be well.. just 10 seconds of uber spectacular fun at the start of each video series just before I launch into my wild escapades in magic Photoshop land. I have dabbled in After Effects a few times but unlike getting to know Photoshop like the back of my hand, I only played a few times and that was that.

Yes, you know what is coming. The madness of just wanting to learn and get something accomplished NOW. Feeling pressed for time. Feeling suddenly overwhelmed. That snowstorm. That can of worms. Snow and worms do not mix but they might as well have a whole little frozen thriving fat colony on the North Pole with what I have tried to do in the span of a few short days. Laughable fits of despair as I am suddenly trying to cram learning the essentials, key techniques and some kind of magical dust explosion with strobe lights coming out of my text, all into a very short and sleepless few nights. On one hand it is exciting and drives me… on the other hand, I am tired and getting too old to pull such all nighters night after night. 🙂

A normal person would either A. Hire out B. Take several weeks to learn the program, if not months, settling comfortably into it all before starting a “real” business related project.

But no, not me. I just shake myself up and spit myself out into the middle of the land of not knowing what the heck I am doing and the desire to get it done as soon as possible. ha!

For now, I do not have the A. Money to throw at it and B. The time to study and study and study so that I can finally assemble my great masterpiece for all of …. 10 seconds.. just to lead into the “good” stuff which is for me showcasing some fun tutorials in Photoshop. Geeez. Why do I do this?

So this has been my fun this very week. And of course I am going to have to sit back and take the time to learn instead of being so gosh darn instant gratification. And of course I am already becoming a HUGE fan of After Effects, so much so that I am now wondering how I can incorporate all this new amazing tutorials and learning techniques into a creative work deal at some point in the near future. Pretty darn cool stuff Adobe’s got going on there.

Do you ever wish you could just somehow plug yourself in and instantly upload into your brain all the required information, skills and technology so that you can get busy with the actual creating on a new program?

Or do you sweetly relax into the whole learning process, slowly wetting your feet and then immersing yourself delightfully for weeks on end as you learn the new art / software / writing / course? 

Please share, what are you working on today, this week, this month that you wish you could instantly absorb into your creative work process? We all have lessons learned from trying to speed up and get something done too fast…hmmm, the consequences of not taking full time to learn something. Yes, I can relate.  I can already feel a blog coming on at some future point of my After Effects plunge.

Yes, there are always lessons to be learned from trying too fast and too hard to mix snowballs and worms . 🙂 


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4 responses to “Opening that snowy can of worms

  1. I’m planning to do something similar. 😉 Recording my screen while I create images in Photoshop. I like the idea of an brand intro. Never thought of that. Good luck!

    I’m bracing myself to learn Illustrator.


    • I was looking at a few different programs for building the intro… settled on Adobe After Effects mainly for keeping in line with what I already know from Adobe platforms and also I saw the range in stunning effects I could create, the program so far is truly amazing! I am loving it, just wish I could absorb it all faster. ha ha. so much to study and of course to learn a new program well takes a little time. Let me know when you get started! 🙂 Illustrator is a lot of fun, although I have not used it in several years now … not for lack of desire… just time mostly spent in Photoshop.


  2. Aww bless ya Sondra, I totally know where you are coming from. I too have a million and one things I need to learn. Videoing, twitter apps, creating newsletters, photoshop, marketing strategies, drawing from life, experimenting with more traditional mediums, the list is endless. I am like you and have to cram bits in as and when I can around day to day life stuff, the soul destroying day job and commissions… aaarrrggh. The great thing is, I know the person to go to when I get around to doing the videoing now he he. Expect me to be picking your brains when the time comes and good luck with it all. Really looking forward to seeing what you create.


    • You are not alone! I understand Corrina, “soul destroying day job” hahahahaha. YES YES YES. I work two part time jobs that = full work and that about sums it up completely. GRATEFUL ALWAYS to have them. But hard when your heart and soul lays in a completely different desire and passion for work, which is our art and children’s picture books. So yes, I really appreciate your comment bc we are not the only ones out there killing ourselves trying to reach for the stars!! I will be more then happy to share whatever tools and information I learn. :)) I know what it is like to be a full time mother, full time working, and full time trying to get art business and career going along steady enough to then DROP the soul sucking other jobs and make that the full time work! HEART YOU!!!


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