Connect with the Children’s Writer’s Guild

The Children's Writer's Guild

The Children’s Writer’s Guild

I am super excited to highlight sponsor and friend

 The Children’s Writer’s Guild! 

The Children’s Writer’s Guild is an amazing and talented community of writers, illustrators and educators promoting excellence in children’s media. Here you can find an exceptionally talented group of creatives, authors, bloggers, and artists all focused on a genuine and passionate desire to bring forth amazing quality in children’s literature and media works.

I am honored to be a contributor to this wonderful site filled with current book reviews and updates, stories and poetry, upcoming events, and featured articles. Do not miss visiting the editor’s corner where followers can read along as editors critique draft manuscripts of reader-submitted stories & poems. Sheila Wright, President and Co-Founder of the Children’s Writer’s Guild, and Editor-in-Chief of CWG Online, also contributes to the posts with an experienced personal focus in children’s literature includes picture books, poetry, and historical fiction.

Here is a preview of some of The Children’s Writer’s Guild’s contributors! Anouk Defesche and Martin Segal are just a few of the talents overflowing from this gorgeous children’s literature and media site!

Take a look here at a contributor’s Anouk Defesche amazing fantasy illustration! 

11987047_10154229828748082_5034402320282670716_n 12043134_10154229825548082_2658176217363508942_n

A glimpse into the world of children’s picture book writer Martin Segal. 


Andrew R. Dinosaur: The “R.” Stands For Roar!, was one of five manuscripts chosen by The Children’s Writer’s Guild in collaboration with The Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Bedminster, NJ for an exhibit on children’s literature held at CCA in 2013.


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