Bullies? No worries! Check out new book by kid lit author Rebecca Lyndsey


How cool is this ~ kid lit author Rebecca Lyndsey has a new children’s picture book out “Bullies? No Worries!”

“Join Kali and her brother Tuxedo, with their friends Sadie and Roscoe as they learn to deal with schoolyard bullies–and make new friends along the way!”


“Imagine playing with a friend and along come two others who begin to make fun of you. That’s exactly what happens to Kali the cat and Sadie the squirrel in this story.
Then at the same time at another part of the park Roscoe the raccoon and Kali’s brother, Tuxedo, are skateboarding when Brutus takes Roscoe’s board. Luckily his dad was close by to take care of the problem.
Unfortunately, neither Kali and Sadie, nor Tux and Roscoe were safe from being bullied, as it happened again.
After Kali and her brother Tux trade their troubles with one another, Kali comes up with a plan, a possible solution to their bullying woes.
Find out what she says and whether her plan works by reading this lovely story.”  REVIEW by By Lisa’s Kids’ Book Reviews on May 26, 2015


Rebecca Lyndsey is a children’s book author, illustrator and teacher who was born in and still lives in the mountains of West Virginia with her wonderful husband and their two very spoiled cats. In her spare time she likes to paint, sing, read, play Wii dance games and mystery game apps on her Kindle Fire and spend time outdoors with her husband. “World of Color” is her first book release and plans to continue writing and illustrating many more books in the future.


You can also check out Rebecca’s other books including “World of Color” via KINDLE UNLIMTED HERE:



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