What’s in the bag?

As far as photographers go we are a rather snoopy breed of professionals. Nothing is as enticing as knowing “what is in the bag.”

Meaning my camera bag. Your camera bag. Everyone’s camera bag.

If we are not snooping to see what our fellow creative colleagues are carrying around, we are more then happy to show off what we are lugging around 24 / 7.  Yes, I know. Why oh why. Combination of a strong desire to see what our photog friends in the biz are using to capture work imagery and our crazy, constant need to be on top of the latest and the greatest.  Well, here is my shout out post to rave about all things Canon and take a quick peek at one such item inside the bag.

Let’s talk about:

EOS 7D Mark II


Coming from a journalism background I like cameras that are FAST and can take a pounding. I like to feel weight in my hand and know that if I need to bang it around in the heat of a photo shoot, it’s durability is built to last. So that is part of the reason my pick, as far as a camera body is concerned, is the Canon 7D.  I work mostly with children in conceptual photography for fairy tales and fantasy photo shoots. Working with children still feels like I am shooting sports, a mix of sweaty, go until you drop and a desperate need for a speedy camera. The 7D rocks this at 10 frames per second and is AMAZING in low light conditions giving a great range of ISO’s settings from 100 – 16000 (another huge plus when photographing children in natural light settings.) As any photographer worth their weight knows, as amazing as the camera body functions and rates high in durability… it’s only as great as the lens you are running around taking picture with in your work. And Canon has some of the best glass out there. It’s all about the glass, folks!




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