Photoshop editing non-destructive techniques

WEEKEND Art Resource tip for Photoshop imagery / art / digital painting creatives.

This article By  Tom Ross at PSD.FANEXTRA explains nicely the top 5 ways of working in Photoshop with non-destructive techniques ~ meaning if you mess up you can easily go back and forth without loosing hours of your work time. Masks, Smart Filters, and Adjustment Layers are three of my top ways ~ I would be lost working without these! They save me tons of time in Photoshop and allow for quick or extensive editing. Mainly, I think of them as top tools in Photoshop that every creative should master and utilize on a daily basis. So hats off to PSD.FANEXTRA for posting this lovely write up as it is always a great reminder to use some of the extensive and reliable tools that Photoshop offers creatives.



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