Bob Robin poetry by Sylva Fae


Bob Robin by Sylva Fae

The sky was grey and dark
As I made my toast and tea.
I shivered in the morning chill
And gazed out dreamily.

And there beyond the window,
Perched on the welcome mat,
With beady eyes and round red breast,
A tiny bird was sat.

He lifted up a feathered wing
As if to wave hello.
Then pecked upon the window
Afraid that I might go.

A cheeky breakfast guest!
I gathered some bird seed
And sprinkled it upon the lawn
So that he might feed.

He watched me with delight
Then swooped and ate with glee.
He waved a little thank you
As he fed under the tree.

“Same time tomorrow?” I called,
Then up and off he flew,
His rosy red breast gleaming
As he fluttered in the blue.

Follow my writer friend, the talented Sylva on TWITTER HERE.

Robin artistry by the talented Jill Griffin, whose work you can view on the Devon Art Pops, Sylva’s “The Devon Art Pop Group.”


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