Midnight Adventure


Midnight Adventure

We tiptoe through the forest
Feel leaves crunch beneath our feet
Taste frost on our cold lips
See air freeze as we blow hot sweet breath
We creep, crawl, and sneak
like a spider looking for it’s next feast.

Shout! We hold hands and sing
“Come out, come out!
‘Tis All Hallows’ Eve
Beast, witch, ghost and black cat.
We howl at the moon
or turn into goons.”

Swing! We dance and twirl
until the clock strikes twelve
We run, run, run, back home.
Tuck safely in our beds,
turn out the lights, and
fast asleep snore.

~ Fairy Tales Imagery, Inc. 



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12 responses to “Midnight Adventure

    • Thank you kindly Vivian ~ it was challenging with the limited count, such a fun contest and I saw her updated post recently on the top 10 ~ WOW, such creativity ~ a delight to read all of those whose work has been selected and highlighted in her event. Cheers!


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