CURRENTLY Fall 2016 Blog Hop: Finding My Bliss


Peek-a-boos behind brilliant Autumn foliage. Spooky ghosts and Jack-o-lanterns. Hot cups of steaming apple cider. Freshly baked cinnamon rolls and rum cake. Fall is in the air!  

Along with some blogger friends, I’m sharing where I am currently in life, what I’m reading and watching and what I’m loving and dreaming about this fall.

Sit back, have a read, and check out some of my recommendations if you’d like. Then visit the other #Gr8Blogs listed at the end of this post for more Fall 2016 CURRENTLY inspiration.

* Reading

Ahhhh, my uber talented art friend Lou Endicott has gotten me completely hooked on The Queen of the Tearling by Eirka Johansen (published by Harper Paperbacks; Reprint edition (April 14, 2015.) This beautiful three part book series has an amazing and wise protagonist, Princess Kelsea Raleigh Glynn, who fights to save her kingdom in what is called a “genre mash-up of medieval fantasy meets dystopian future.” I am waiting for the second book of the series to come in my mail and the third and final installment comes at the end of November. Nice to see a brave heroine have adventures and seek diplomacy, wisdom and salvation for her people over just being a pretty face at court seeking the attention of a man. I read the book in three days which is remarkable for me as I never have time to pick up a novel much less quickly read it in it’s entirety these days.

* Watching

Poldark, aka “Smolder,” I watch this historical romance tale unfold each week via Masterpiece Theater. I have superb kid lit author Cat Michaels to thank and credit for my current TV watching addiction. Shame for shame, as I adore classic novels, I have not yet read the book series. NEED. WANT. MUST READ. In the meantime, I can sink myself into a lovely fantasy story set in Cornwall in the late 1700’s. I am practically holding my breath to see if “Kitty” (I like to give nicknames to my favorite characters in the show) hooks up with “Doc” and “Smolder” shows his beloved “D” more respect, love and care.

*Listening To

Nothing sets the mood for me while I am working on imagery and art other then favorite movie / TV show soundtracks. So here is my rundown of what is currently on play over and over and over while I work Photoshop into the wee hours of the morning:

Game of Thrones soundtrack music ~ Along with half the world, anxiously awaiting the next Season!

The Dollars Trilogy Soundtracks – Ennio Morricone ~ oh yes, more please. I grew up listening to this music. Still gets me every time.

Blood Red Roses by C21FX ~ “A storm is lost upon the sea…” This song begs for fantasy artistry and storytelling.

Enya – Aniron ~ My love for anything and everything LOTR. This song is a happy, peaceful, and magical place all of it’s very own. Her voice just MELTS me and this song calls out to my soul.

* Seeing through My Camera Lens 

My recent project of making a bundle of Fall hi res JPG leaves available (for non and commercial use) took up a bit of my time this past October. I had a lovely day photographing colorful leaves to present in a FREE online, downloadable package for artists and authors. Check out my blog link for more details by clicking HERE.


Now my efforts and imagination have turned to other creative projects.

~ Writing my first children’s picture book story tentatively entitled “The Sunshine Fairies: A Tale of Light and Freedom.” You know my love for fairy tales and this one captures my passion for books that teach children valuable life lessons of kindness and understanding.

~ Working on my recent children’s conceptual fantasy photoshoot featuring a princess bathed in sunlight and Fall leaves twirling about magically in the sunbeams. SNEAK PREVIEW HERE. This is just an out take and not the picture I will be working with, but I liked this one too.


Thanks for stopping by! For more Currently – Fall 2016 moments, visit the #Gr8blogs below. And hey, if you’re pumped about writing your own Currently – Fall 2016 post, just add your family-friendly Currently link to your blog post in the comment section. We’ll visit your blog and give you some blog love!

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15 responses to “CURRENTLY Fall 2016 Blog Hop: Finding My Bliss

  1. Thanks for a wonderful read. Will have to check out Poldark, sounds like my kind of viewing. And love, love all your photos. Just spectacular. My very best wishes for lots of success with your new children’s book!

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  3. Such fun virtual-watching Poldark with you, Sondra. (Smolder is morphing into SmackHisThickHead later in season 2)…. love your character nicknames. Cannot wait to see your new book. It looks stunning. Thanks for the awesome fall downloads and introduction to queen of tearlings.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg Sondra, you are writing a book?? Yay to that, Oh I can’t wait to see what you come up with, it will be gorgeous! So lovely to see you blogging again and getting creative. Adore your sneak preview pic, such a cutey!

    Liked by 1 person

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