Holiday Giveaway!


WOW! Check out this uber cool Holiday opportunity to win $500.00! Introducing a NEW Holiday KidLit Giveaway where you have the chance to win an Amazon gift card. That is sure to make your shopping a little easier this season!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


The contest begins November 15th and ends December 15th. After the contest ends, Rafflecopter will randomly select a winner from qualified participants. The organizers of the event, C.L. Murphy and Cat Michaels, will announce the name of the winner once it is confirmed and the winner accepts payment.


There are 58 actionable items that will earn you raffle tickets, which will increase your chance at the final grand-prize of $500.00. It’s up to you—you are in charge of your destiny. Enter one raffle ticket…or 58. It all depends on the amount of time you have to invest on any given day to complete an action.” Do a few each day if that is all your time allows. But, here’s the thing, you can earn a whopping 5 raffle tickets each day by tweeting about the event! Just be sure to log into the Rafflecopter to record it.  Source:  [Source: K. Lamb |]


As I mentioned above, it’s not difficult. It only takes a bit of time. An action may be visiting an author’s Facebook page (I’m hoping you ‘Like’ it, but it’s not required) or following their Twitter account. That’s easy enough, right?


The contest is organized by C.L. Murphy and Cat Michaels, but the event is hosted by the community of children’s authors and illustrators listed below.  Please stop by to take a look at each site ~ a wealth of fabulous children’s books and just in time for the holidays.  The highlighted names will give you a direct link to the author’s and illustrator’s site.

C.L. Murphy
Cat Michaels
Melinda Kinsman
Rhonda Paglia
Kristen Lamb
Stacie Theis
Jim Milson
Lisé Chase
Kimberly Sentek
Barbara Mojica
Tracy Bryan
Peggy McAloon
M.L. Barnes
Meg Dendler
Jill Cofsky
Kate Larkinson
Rosie Russell
Sondra Rymer
E.J. Gore
Dynomike Books
Rebecca Lyndsey
Joyce Mitchell
Sarah Hill
Sharon Powers
Nelson Suit
Bonnie Dani
Subhash Kommuru
D.A. Hawes
Laura Lee Scott

Happy Holidays and good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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