Imagination Storytelling by Fairy Tales Imagery, Inc  is a creative site featuring amazing fantasy and fairy tales inspired artists and writers. Spotlight Artist, Author, and Publisher interviews, marketing tools and resources for creatives, and photoshop / digital art painting tutorials highlight a page serving the fantasy, fiction, and fairy tale artist and writer community.

The community Facebook group can be found HERE: IMAGINATION

Söndra, photographer/digital artist/CEO of Fairy Tales Imagery, Inc., is an internationally-featured creative visual artist.  Söndra, a conceptual photographer and digital illustration artist specializing in children’s and YA fantasy imagery, started out in photojournalism and theater arts.  She enjoys incorporating that background into her love for interviewing and promoting talented creatives featured in her Imagination blog and Facebook Imagination Group Page. Placing importance on the value of an artist community, she spends time connecting and building relationships with fellow colleagues in the artistic and children’s publishing fields. Söndra also actively engages in finding, researching, creating and sharing tools, social media marketing tips and educational resources to help other creatives grow in their profession.

Söndra is available for book covers, children’s picture books, magazine, blog, promotional and packaging art assignments and custom children’s fantasy portraits. Please visit her personal blog here for more information. 


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