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The Imagination and Storytelling Facebook Group

Imagination by Fairy Tales Imagery, Inc is a creative community featuring amazing fantasy and fairy tales inspired artists and writers. Children’s and YA authors, artists, illustrators, conceptual photographers, digital artists, and like minded creatives are WELCOME.

This BLOG features Spotlight Artist, Author, and Publisher interviews, marketing tools and resources for creatives, and photoshop / digital art painting tutorials highlight a page serving the fantasy, fiction, and fairy tale artist and writer community. Creatives, artists and writers from the Imagination Facebook Group page are featured in this blog to highlight their work.


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Please post your fantasy, fairy tale, creative artistry and writing WITH a watermark / logo and a LINK TO YOUR PAGE / WEBSITE. ALL copyrights are respected on this group page.

OPEN POSTING for all your new art, writing, illustration, verse, etc on days. Showcase your art and stories!

FRIDAYS ARE PROMOTIONAL DAYS ONLY! (Your books, art sales, giveaways and contests, book signing promos, etc)

*By submitting on the Facebook group page Imagination you have given Fairy Tales Imagery, Inc. the consent and approval to feature and post your art, image, verse, context, or pins on the Imagination Storytelling BLOG and associated social media platforms. ALL POSTS ALWAYS FEATURE YOUR WATERMARKED/ LOGO and / or YOUR LINKS. Copyrights ARE ALWAYS RESPECTED. I will never post any of members art, writing or verse without proper copyright credit and / or your links.

1. One image uploaded per cycle- Cycle runs each day new after 12:00 AM USA Mountain time. We begin new each day at this time.

2. NO SHARING IMAGES OR POSTS. Must be YOUR direct upload.

3. No CC – Constructive Cristicism. This is not a CC group UNLESS specifically asked for by the artist or writer!

4. ABSOLUTELY No Nudity! This is a family friendly page supporting a lot of children’s and YA writers and artists. Facebook will shut the page down.

5. I may DELETE without warning. No one has time to keep reminding members. It is your responsiblility when submitting to please follow the guidelines of this group. Thank you so much.